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Dental Implant FAQ

Smiling woman sitting in dentist chair looking into handheld mirrorAfter hearing about the many benefits of dental implants, you are probably excited to get started on your journey to a new smile. However, our professionals at Willamette Valley Periodontics understand that this excitement also comes with lots of questions because getting dental implants is a serious undertaking.

While our team is focused on providing you with great results, we also want you to have all the information you need to make an informed decision. This information is important so that you can make sure that dental implants are right for you.

How Are Implants Installed?

Dental implants are installed using titanium posts. During your preparatory appointment, our team will take advanced digital images of your oral cavity, which are used to determine the exact placement location of each post. When you come in for your procedure, our professionals will then place you under local anesthesia.

The posts are installed directly into your jawbone. Some patients can have the crowns placed on their implants during the same visit, while others will need to get a temporary set while their teeth heal. If you require the second option, our team will schedule your follow-up a few weeks later so that you get your permanent set installed.

How Long Do Implants Last?

This is a complicated question, with different answers for different patients. Depending on a multitude of factors (your health, how well the implants are cared for, if your teeth move over time, etc.) implants can last for a lifetime. They could also fail, in a worst case scenario, in only a few years. The best way to get more information is to speak with Dr. Graser for more precise advice.

Are Grafts Always Necessary?

Bone and soft tissue grafts are not necessary for every patient. Whether or not you need a graft will depend on your oral health history and also your genetics. The style of implants that you are getting will also play a role. If you are receiving a single implant, then the chances of needing a graft are greatly reduced.

How Long Does It Take To Get Dental Implants?

Every case is unique, which means that the timeline to get your dental implants will vary based on your oral health. If you do not need any preparatory procedures, then you could potentially have your implants within a few months of your initial appointment. On the other hand, if you need a graft then it could take up to a year or even longer for your dental implants to be installed.

Do not let the potential for a long journey discourage you. Dental implants are a life-changing restorative treatment that will improve your quality of life. If you would like to learn more or start your journey, then it is time to come see our team at Willamette Valley Periodontics. You can schedule your appointment by calling us at (971) 261-1926.
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