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Frenectomy McMinnville OR

doctor speaking to patientAre you experiencing challenges with oral functions, such as difficulty speaking or forming certain words? Do you find it hard to perform activities like brushing your top teeth due to limited range of motion in your upper lip? If so, you may be dealing with a common oral developmental condition, and the professionals at Willamette Valley Periodontics can help with a procedure called a frenectomy.

A frenectomy is a brief surgical intervention that involves the removal of excess connective tissue, known as the frenum, from your mouth to enhance functionality and improve range of motion.


In adults, two primary oral health conditions can be addressed through a frenectomy. The first is often referred to as being lip-tied, where excessive connective tissue attaches the upper lip to the mouth. This condition may lead to difficulties in certain oral activities, including speech and oral hygiene practices. The second condition is known as being tongue-tied, where there is an excess of connective tissue between the tongue and the base of the mouth. This condition can impact speech and overall oral function.


Frenectomies for adults are straightforward procedures that typically take around 15 minutes, including preparation. Upon arrival at our office, we will discuss the procedure with you. The intervention is conducted using either surgical scissors or a soft-tissue laser.

To ensure your comfort, our dental professionals will apply a potent topical analgesic to numb the tissue. Following a brief period for the analgesic to take effect, excess connective tissue will be carefully removed. This process typically results in minimal to no bleeding.

Frenectomies for adults are quick and uncomplicated, with minimal aftercare requirements. You may experience some tenderness in the affected area for a few days, but this discomfort will subside rapidly. If necessary, over-the-counter pain relievers can be taken to alleviate any discomfort.


While frenectomies can be performed on adults, it is essential to address these conditions sooner rather than later. The procedure for adults is similar to that performed on infants or children.

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If you're considering a frenectomy or are due for a dental examination, you can schedule an appointment with our skilled team at Willamette Valley Periodontics by calling our office at (971) 261-1926.

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